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afro-brazilian COMMITTEE 

About Us


Some of the goals of this group are to:


  • Raise awareness of the social, economic, and political conditions of  Afro-Brazilians historically and under Bolsonaro.

  • Strengthen ties with Afro-Brazilian activists.

  • Advocate for Afro-Brazilian rights.

Second National USNDB Conference at Georgetown University, 2019 

recent activities


  • Participated in paper for Brazil Washington Office

  • Planning February 10th event with Black Activists in Brazil and the USA

  • USNDB-sponsored event “Black LGBTQ Rights in Brazil” by Marco Antonio Fera February 4, 2021

  • USNDB-sponsored event Black Activism in Brazil & USA by Gladys Mitchell-Walthour presentation for University of Maryland February 26, 2021


  • 2019 Afro-Brazilian committee created Policy Memo on Current Status of Afro-Brazilian;  Gladys Mitchell-Walthour presented policy memo to US Congressional Staff in Washington, DC with  Sharelle Barber who showed her documentary on Marielle Franco.

  • 2019 Statement against execution of Agatha Felix (endorsed by Representative Fábio Felix, Paulo Paim, and  Brazilian Black movement organizations)

  • USNDB organized Marielle Franco Tribute at the National Conference of Black Political Scientists conference in Baton Rouge Louisiana; honored life of Marielle Franco with brief speech from Silvio Humberto (city council member from Salvador, Bahia); Marielle Franco buttons passed out (March 14, 2019)


  • USNDB Westcoast conference - USNDB Afro-Brazilian Committee chair Gladys Mitchell-Walthour discussed the committee’s work and met with members such as Douglas Belchior of the Coalizão Negra por Direitos February 8, 2020

  • National Conference of Black Political Scientists conference Marielle Franco buttons passed out and passed out literature given by Douglas a Belchior of the Black Coalition for Rights March 2020

  • Webinar “COVID-19, Racism, and Necropolitucs in Brazil” June 3, 2020 (panelists Dalila Negreiros, Kia Caldwell, Sharelle Barber, Felipe Freitas , Emanuelle Gies (absent)

  • Statement November 21, 2020 Statement in solidarity with João Alberto’s family

  • Dialogues for Democracy Interview with Douglas Belchior


Raise awareness of Marielle Franco's legacy

Raise awareness of violence against Black transwomen

Raise awareness and support Black Brazilian activists working against police brutality and executions.

Support Black Brazilian activists.

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If you are interested in joining the Afro-Brazilian Committee, please contact the USNDB.


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