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Democracy and Racism Shouldn't Coexist

November 20th is Brazil’s National Day of Black Consciousness, when ancestors such as Zumbi dos Palmares and Dandara are celebrated. It is meant as a day to celebrate the history and accomplishments of Black people in Brazil. However, November 20, 2020, is a day that has been spent protesting the early death of 40-year old, João Alberto. Mr Alberto was beaten to death by a security guard at the Carrefour supermarket in Porto Alegre.

During the global pandemic, people have been told to stay at home as much as possible and to only go out for essentials such as food. Yet for Black people, the simple act of going to a supermarket such as Carrefour can lead to a brutal death. The US Network for Democracy in Brazil stands against the anti-blackness that normalizes Black Brazilians as criminals.

We stand in solidarity with João Alberto’s family, Black activists in Brazil fighting against the inhumane treatment of Black people, and all allies who fight against anti-blackness in Brazil. We also support the Coalition of Black Rights action against Carrefour supermarkets, who have a history of anti-black violence. We stand against the senseless and violent killing of Black people whose dignity and humanity are not acknowledged by security guards and police officers.

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