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Letter to the Brazilian Ambassador to the United States

As Brazilian civil society mobilizes for a Day of Action against President Jair Bolsonaro’s criminal mishandling of the pandemic and his anti-environmental and human rights abuses, this Saturday, July 24th, the US Network For Democracy In Brazil, Amazon Watch and Greenpeace USA delivered a letter on behalf of concerned civil society to the Brazilian Embassy in Washington DC.

The letter was signed by USNDB co-coordinator James Green and Gladys Mitchell-Walthour and made it clear to the official Brazilian diplomatic mission to the U.S. that the collective signatories were united with the Brazilian people in their campaign to stop Jair Bolsonaro’s policies of death, destruction and crimes against humanity. It also called on the Biden administration to recognize these atrocities, conditioning U.S. aid, military and public security assistance, and trade and investment policies on the effective termination of these egregious violations of labor, human and environmental rights perpetrated by the Bolsonaro regime.

Letter to BR Ambassador to US (2)
Download PDF • 151KB


Jana Silverman, US Network For Democracy in Brazil

Stanely Gacek, US Network For Democracy in Brazil

Andrew Miller, Amazon Watch

Jeremy Giles, Amazon Watch

Diana Ruiz, Greenpeace USA

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