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USNDB's "Who Ordered the Assassination Of" Campaign

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Join us for 'Who Ordered the Assassination Of', the USNDB's campaign for the third anniversary of Marielle Franco's death, on March 14th.

This year, we will also honour the life of Indigenous and rural activists who were killed due to their political activism. You can find the visual materials for the campaign below, as well as the full list of activists killed in one of the posters. There will also be a panel on March 15th. More information on the panel soon!

Don't forget that we also invited you to record a 10-second video by the entrance of your house asking "Who Ordered the Assassination of?" and sharing with us where are you from.

Register here

Feel free to download these materials above and share them with your family, friends and community. Let's raise awareness and demand answers!

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